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Most popular baby names

Name Gender Origin Meaning More Info Hits
ABBA Girl african Ghanaian na More... 13793
WALLACE Boy english from Wales More... 4671
ABDUL- SAMI Boy arabic servant of More... 3822
ADAMA Girl african Ibo of Nige More... 3598
ABARRANE Girl basque Feminine fo More... 3126
A'DAB Girl arabic hope; need More... 3044
ABAYOMI Boy african Of uncertai More... 2981
ABDALLA Boy african Swahili equ More... 2819
ABDERA Girl greek from Abdera More... 2807
ABDUL- RASHID Boy arabic servant of More... 2793
ABARRANE Girl hebrew feminine fo More... 2786
ABASI Boy african Swahili nam More... 2665
ABDIRAXMAN Boy african Somali equi More... 2612
ACELINE Girl french "Noble More... 2480
AARON Boy hebrew high mounta More... 2465
ABDUL- QADIR Boy arabic servant of More... 2448
ABBOID Boy gaelic abbey fathe More... 2239
AASE Girl norse tree-cover More... 2173
ABAYOMI Boy egyptian brings joy More... 2143
ABDERUS Boy greek myth name ( More... 2034
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AZEEZA Girl arabic cherished; More... 1940
AART Boy anglo like an ea More... 1916
ABBAS Boy arabic lion More... 1818
ESKILD Boy danish meaning unk More... 1795
ABDELAHI Boy african Muslim name More... 1664
LIST Boy anglo cunning More... 1635
ABBUDIN Boy arabic worshippers More... 1627
ABAN Boy arabic old Arabic More... 1617
KESTEJOO Boy native Algonquin n More... 1594
ABDIKARIM Boy african Muslim name More... 1505
TONAUAC Boy nahuatl the one tha More... 1428
NECHTAN Boy anglo name of a k More... 1411
ABDI Boy african Muslim name More... 1406
LORENCZ Boy hungarian Hungarian f More... 1357
PALASSA Boy african This Afric More... 1326
ABDIMELECH Boy african Name of an More... 1314
ABDEL Boy arabic servant More... 1288
WORCESTER Boy english from the al More... 1287
ABANTIADES Boy latin descendant More... 1263
ABBAN Boy irish abbot ABRA More... 1262
ABBUD Boy arabic worshipper More... 1259
VALDEMAR Boy german famous rule More... 1247
ABBA Boy arabic father More... 1239
ABDA Boy arabic servant More... 1228
ABDUL, ABDEL Boy arabic servant of More... 1209
ANEKO Girl japanese older siste More... 1208
VENIAMIN Boy hebrew son of the More... 1190
BRUNELLA Girl french brown-haire More... 1154
ADI Boy indian myth name ( More... 1142
LOT Boy arthurian name of a k More... 1117

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Girl Baby Names, Boy Baby Names

Our goal is to have the largest database of baby names in the world! We have what you need if you are looking for a unique baby name, an ethnic baby name, or a popular baby name for your baby girl or baby boy. Let us help you choose a boy baby name or a girl baby name.

Baby Names: Where To Start!

It is important that you find that perfect baby name. It's best to start early and make a list of your favorite baby names. Keep adding to your list of baby names. Then, when it's time start narrowing it down, select your top 5 baby names. Of these top baby names, try combinations of first and middle names to see what flows nicely with your last name. Keep the baby's initials in mind. You don't want your baby's initials to spell something undesirable.

Keeping Your Baby Names a Secret

Some people choose to tell everyone their baby name choice. However, it's perfectly acceptable to keep the baby name to yourself. If you choose to keep the baby name to yourself, and someone asks if you named the baby, just say, "We have selected a baby name but we're keeping it a secret for now."

Not Everyone Will Love Your Baby's Name

Whether you chose an unusual baby name, a unique baby name, or a common baby name there are going to be people who don't like your choice. Remember, you can't possibly please everyone. Popular baby names are nice because everyone will be able to spell and pronounce your baby's name. A unique baby name is nice because it makes your baby more of an individual and very special.

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